Upcoming co-op at CPCS Roxbury Defenders Unit

Because of NUSL’s unique schedule, where upper-level students alternate between classes or an internship (we call them co-ops) every three months, it feels like we’re always in the midst of either deciding what classes to take, or researching and applying for our next co-op. It’s the dead of winter – a tremendous blizzard is pounding the city even as I type this – but I’ve just this past week figured out where I will spend the summer; CPCS’s Roxbury Defenders Unit. It’s a public defender office in Roxbury, a working-class neighborhood and “the heart of Black culture in Boston.” The attorneys at the RDU are known, among my classmates, as particularly dedicated to their clients, helpful to students, and quite down with the struggle. I’m really looking forward to this summer.

This summer will be my third co-op. I spent last summer at Prisoners’ Legal Services; couldn’t have asked for a better first co-op. I did a mix of research and client interaction, visited a bunch of prisons, and worked with some truly heroic attorneys. I’m currently at the Federal Public Defender Office, researching and writing to assist their efforts on behalf of those accused of everything from drug possession, gun possession, enticement of minors, child porn charges, etc. Heroic attorneys, once again. After my summer at RDU, I will have another co-op (winter 2015-16); not sure where I want to end up for that one.


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