Rule 3:03 Certified

Well, this is exciting! A letter from the clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, confirming that I “may now proceed in civil matters without compensation under Rule 3:03.” How nice! Of course, pretty much any law student who has has “successfully completed or is enrolled in a course for credit in evidence or trial practice” can get Rule 3:03 certification. Still, I can’t help but be encouraged. 🙂


Police Accountability and Transparency in Boston

I emailed Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, urging him to take steps toward police accountability and transparency. You can read the email here.

On a related note, you can read about the ACLU of Massachusetts’ recent report Black, Brown and Targeted, sign the ACLU’s petition for residents of Boston here (and if you’re outside of Boston, here), and check out the Facebook page for the Boston Coalition for Police Accountability. I went to the first meeting for the BCPA several weeks ago. Hopefully, after this academic quarter winds up, I can devote a bit more time to that. Very exciting stuff going on in Boston!

Maintaining the MACDL Facebook page

The folks who run the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers have been kind enough to allow me to administswappableTop-homeer their (formerly less-than-active) Facebook page. The plan is to keep it up to date with content about MACDL, MACDL members, and news related to criminal defense/law. I’m excited about this opportunity to ramp up my participation in this professional organization.  Please take a moment to “like” the page here.

I wrote a letter to Justice Scalia

Today I wrote a letter to Justice Scalia because I am curious if his views on the death penalty have changed since the exoneration of Mr. Henry McCollum.

Despite the fact that both Mr. McCollum and Mr. Brown have IQs in the 50s and 60s, that their confessions came after hours of police interrogation, and that those with intellectual disabilities are prone to not understanding the gravity of waiving their Miranda rights and to giving in to police interrogation tactics, you used Mr. McCollum as an example of a murderer particularly worthy of the death penalty. Now, it turns out that not only is Mr. McCollum not a murderer particularly worthy of the death penalty, he is not worthy of the death penalty at all. Indeed, he is not even a murderer.

You can read the whole letter (with a few changes made for display on the web) here. 

I’ll be sure to let you know if I get a response.

Writing sample from the summer of 2014

I wrote this memorandum in support of a motion to exclude an expert testimony in the summer of 2014 while a student attorney at Prisoners’ Legal Services of Massachusetts. The motion was never filed because the parties reached a settlement. I have permission from PLS to use this as a writing sample, and it is my own substantially unedited work. The names of all parties have been changed.

You can read it here.

NUSL NLG opposes Abraham Foxman as Suffolk Law Commencement Speaker

This statement was written by NUSL National Lawyers Guild members. I contributed a little bit, but not much.

Click here to read the whole statement.

“The Northeastern University School of Law chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NUSL NLG) supports the Suffolk University Law School chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (Suffolk NLG) in its opposition to the choice of Mr. Abraham Foxman, longtime director of the AntiDefamation League (ADL), as the 2014 law school commencement speaker.”


Mass Dissent, April 2014

I served as the editor for the April/May issue of Mass Dissent, published by the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.

You can read it here.

DePaul University College of Law NLG opposes Execution of Robert Henry

I had the opportunity to help out a little bit in a campaign to stop the execution of Robert Henry in Florida. He was executed on March 20, 2014. The National Lawyers Guild Chapter at DePaul University College of Law picked up the issue statement I wrote.

You can read it here.

NUSL NLG supports NU SJP

The administration at Northeastern University suspended the NU chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine. Along with many other organizations, the Northeastern University School of Law chapter of the National Lawyers Guild decided to issue a statement of support. I kind of spearheaded the writing of the letter, and wrote a good chunk of it, but it was a collaborative effort.

You can read it here.

Mass Incarceration Committee supports Menard hunger strikers

This is a letter I wrote to officials in Illinois on behalf on the Mass Incarceration Committee of the National Lawyers Guild, in support of prisoners on a hunger strike at Menard prison.

You can read it here.